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Books by contributors


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In the Grove : California Poets and Writers

Books by contributors

Here is a partial list of past contributors to In the Grove along with book or chapbook titles to help locate these fine writers:
David Borofka, Hints of His Mortality (short fiction, University of Iowa Press), The Island (novel, MacMurray and Beck)
Mike Catalano, Silent Thunder (poetry, Coelacanth Press)
Daniel Chacon, Chicano Chicanery (short fiction, Arte Publico Press)
Renny Christopher, Vietnam and California (poetry, VietNam Generation), The Vietnam War, The American War: Images and Representations in Euro-American and Vietnamese Exile Narratives (University of Massachusetts Press)
Karen Holden, Book of Changes (poetry, North Atlantic Books)
Timothy Liu, Vox Angelica (poetry, Alice James Books), Say Goodnight (poetry, Copper Canyon Press), Hard Evidence (Talisman House Press)
David Mas Masumoto, Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm (nonfiction, Harper San Francisco), Harvest Son: Planting Roots in American Soil (W.W. Norton & Company)
Andres Montoya, the ice worker sings and other poems (poetry, Bilingual Press)
Lee Nicholson, Our Common Ground (poetry, Smoky Press)
Lee Underwood, Blue Melody: Tim Buckley Remembered (biography/nonfiction, Backbeat Books)
Amy Uyematsu, 30 Miles from J-Town and Nights of Fire, Nights of Rain (poetry, Story Line Press)
Lillian Vallee, Handful of Snow (poetry, Back40 Publishing)
Gillian Wegener, Lifting One Foot, Lifting the Other (poetry, In the Grove Press)