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About the Editorial Staff
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Editor: Michael Roberts
Has served as fiction editor for In the Grove and has poems published in Petroglyph, Poetry Motel, West Wind Review, and Potpourri among others.  Holds two Master's Degrees and nearing completion of the MFA at Fresno State University, where he was awarded the Philip Levine Scholarship in Poetry.  Teaches in the English department at Fresno City College.
Poetry Editor: Zay Guffy-Bill
Has served as editor for the San Joaquin Review and advisor for The Ram's Tale.  Nearing completion of her first manuscript, and hosts the acclaimed radio program, "Literosity," blending the literary arts and social and community involvement.  Teaches in the English department at Fresno City College.
Nonfiction Editor: Josh Daughdrill
Has published essays in a variety of publications, including Teaching English in the Two-Year College, has authored two screenplays including Loaded With God, and is currently at work on a memoir to be published in 2003.  He teaches in the English department at Merced College.
Fiction Editor: Franz Weinschenk
Is the author of Homeroom, a collection of stories, and has published fiction in Highway 99: A Literary Journey through California's Great Central Valley and elsewhere.  He hosts the award-winning radio program, "Valley Writers Read," where Central Valley writers read literary prose.
Publisher and Founding Editor: Lee Herrick
Is author of a chapbook, Coping With Vertigo, with other poems published in the Berkeley Poetry Review, the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Many Mountains Moving, and the Hawai'i Pacific Review, and othersTeaches in the English department at Fresno City College.

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